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Title Presentation First Author Abstract Conference Name Type of presentation
Cognitive Enhancement and Illness Management and Recovery in Vocational Rehabilitation Susan R. McGurk IEPA 2014 Conference Presentations
Vocational recovery in first episode psychosis: first results from a large randomised controlled trial of IPS Eoin J Killackey IEPA 2012 Conference Presentations
Job-Prescription: a vocational rehabilitation program for young people with severe mental illness in South-West Norway. Heitmann, Lena Conference Poster
Pre-empting social damage through early detection: Long-term negative symptom and vocational function levels Wenche ten Velden Hegelstad IEPA 2014 Conference Presentations
Investing in Recovery; The Cost Economic Case for Early Intervention in relation to Educational/Vocational and Physical Health Interventions Dr David McDaid Conference Presentations
What are our International goals and what are the important things that we need to be tackling? Professor Eoin Killackey Conference Presentations
What is the added value of International collaboration _ What are we aiming to achieve in terms of becoming a sharing community or network? Professor Jo Smith Conference Presentations
Career planning and IPS: Integrating a long-term perspective into IPS for young people with psychosis Ms. Gina Chinnery Conference Presentations
An IPS for education Fidelity scale: Project proposal Ms. Luana Turner Conference Presentations
Implementation challenges and solutions Mr. Miles Rinaldi Conference Presentations