Ten-year follow-up of the Opus trial for first-episode psychosis

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Carsten Hjorthøj

IntroductionLong-term follow-ups of first-episode psychosis trial cohorts provide unique opportunities for examining course of illness and long-term treatment effects.Methods547 participants with a recent F2 diagnosis were recruited and randomized to either Opus early intervention or standard treatment for two years. The 10-year follow-up rate was 70 % of those living in Denmark.Results368 were assessed at 10 years, with a recovery rate of 58 (15.8 %). 61.3 % had remission of psychotic symptoms, 47.0 % had remission of negative symptoms, and 37.4 % had remission of both. There were no differences between Opus and standard treatment on these measures (p=0.53, p=0.55, p=0.14, and p=0.35 respectively). 29 (5.3 %) participants had died, evenly distributed (p=0.83).29.7 % had psychotic-symptom remission and did not receive antipsychotics; 29.7 % had psychotic-symptom remission on antipsychotics; 9.9 % had psychotic symptoms but were not medicated, and the remaining 30.7 % had psychotic symptoms despite receiving antipsychotics (p=0.48 between groups). There were no differences regarding symptom levels, use of psychiatric services, etc.

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Presentation Date: 
January, 2015
Additional Authors: 
Gry Secher - Stephen Austin - Ole Mors - Merete Nordentoft
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