Seeing the Doc at 11am, cooking group at midday, and hitting the gym at 2pm. Patient and staff perspectives of an embedded lifestyle intervention within an early psychosis programme

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Andrew Watkins

Keeping the Body In Mind (KBIM) is an intensive 12-week, strength-based multidisciplinary lifestyle intervention delivered at the initiation of anti-psychotic treatment for young people experiencing first episode psychosis. The KBIM program comprised dietitian and exercise physiology interventions, in addition to individualised health coaching delivered by a clinical nurse consultant and youth peer support workers to maximize participation through a recovery-oriented approach. KBIM has been introduced to the Bondi Early Psychosis Programme (EPP) as part of usual care, resulting in significant cultural and clinical changes within the service for clinical staff and clients alike. For example the introduction of a weekly shopping and cooking group, in conjunction with the establishment of a gym embedded within the service resulted in significant changes in attitude and the way in which the therapeutic value of such interventions are conceptualised within the EPP. Whilst quantitative evaluation of the clinical effectiveness of the programme is vital in order to justify the long-term adoption, analysis of qualitative data collected via participant and staff interviews can reveal benefits not captured via quantitative methods. Understanding the motivators to attend the KBIM programme, the effect of peer support and the impact of life-skills training including shopping for and preparing healthy meals were some of the themes explored in this qualitative investigation. Ten clients and five clinical mental health staff from a variety of disciplines including nursing, occupational therapy and psychology participated in group, and one-on-one interviews to establish a comprehensive qualitative understanding of the impact of the KBIM intervention.

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January, 2015
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Joel Pilgrim - Jackie Curtis - Simon Rosenbaum - Scott Teasdale - Megan Kalucy - Katherine Samaras - Phillip B Ward
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