Remembering daily cognitive functioning in subjects at ultra-high risk for psychosis: a cross-sectional study on everyday manifestations of cognitive deficits in an ultra-high risk cohort

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Lasse Randers

Background and purpose: The neurocognitive impairments in subjects at ultra-high risk (UHR) for psychosis are well-established, but there is a profound paucity of ecologically valid data on daily cognitive functioning in this population. The relationship between everyday cognitive functioning and clinical symptomatology as well as the relationship between everyday cognitive functioning and real-life functioning are not well understood. There is an urgent need to investigate this area since it may potentially contribute to elucidating cognitive characteristics of UHR subjects. Furthermore, daily cognitive functioning may explain unique variance in both symptomatology and real-life functioning. The purpose of this study is to assess daily cognitive functioning as expressed in UHR subjects everyday environments, and to relate these findings to neurocognition, symptomatology and real-life functioning. Methods: 50 UHR and 50 matched healthy control subjects have been examined cross-sectionally with a comprehensive cognitive assessment battery. Measures of daily cognitive functioning are the SCoRS and the BRIEF-A. The neurocognitive test battery includes the BACS, the CANTAB and the WAIS III. Furthermore, multiple clinical and functional measures have been used. Results: The UHR subjects are significantly impaired across all everyday cognitive domains assessed. Results on the relationship between daily cognitive functioning and neurocognition, symptoms and real-life functioning will also be presented. Conclusion: The results show that the UHR subjects are impaired in everyday cognitive functioning. Identifying cognitive deficits as manifested in everyday life may be of importance in identifying cognitive treatment targets for UHR subjects and evaluating the efficacy of UHR treatment programs.

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Presentation Date: 
January, 2015
Additional Authors: 
Jens Richardt M. Jepsen - Birgitte Fagerlund - Dorte Nordholm - Kristine Krakauer - Louise B. Glenthøj - Birte Y. Glenthøj - Merete Nordentoft
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