Neuroanatomy of Comorbid Affective Disorders in the Ultra-High Risk of Psychosis State

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Gemma Modinos

Background: Symptoms of depression and anxiety are often the primary complaint of the Ultra-High Risk of psychosis (UHR) patient rather than attenuated psychotic symptoms, with a significant impact on psychosocial and emotional functioning. Reasons for the high frequency of affective disorders such as depression and anxiety in people at UHR are uncertain. Methods: We investigated the neuroanatomical basis for this phenomenon by structural magnetic resonance imaging in 121 participants: UHR with depressive/anxiety comorbidity (32 cases), UHR alone (20), major depressive disorder (23), and healthy controls (46). Images were preprocessed with voxel-based morphometry in SPM8. All statistical inferences were made at P<.05 family-wise="" error="" correction.="" the="" impact="" of="" grey="" matter="" volume="" abnormalities="" on="" clinical="" data="" was="" assessed="" with="" regression="" analyses.="" results:="" as="" a="" whole="" uhr="" subjects="" showed="" decreased="" gmv="" in="" inferior="" and="" medial="" frontal="" regions="" compared="" controls.="" uhr-comorbidity="" had="" lower="" anterior="" cingulate="" cortex="" than="" uhr-alone="" an="" intermediate="" effect="" between="" controls="" patients="" major="" depressive="" disorder.="" group="" negatively="" correlated="" symptoms="" suicidality="" obsessive="" discussion:="" comorbid="" depression="" anxiety="" disorders="" contribute="" distinctive="" reductions="" people="" at="" psychosis="" particularly="" which="" correlate="" measures="" anxiety.="" we="" suggest="" that="" higher="" frequency="" affective="" disorder="" is="" due="" to="" greater="" tendency="" develop="" dysfunctions="" within="" affective-disordered="" population="" there="" may="" be="" individuals="" whose="" deficits="" result="" from="" undetected="" risk.="">

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Presentation Date: 
January, 2015
Additional Authors: 
Paul Allen - Marianna Frascarelli - Stefania Tognin - Lucia Valmaggia - Lida Xenaki - Isabel Valli - Matthew Broome - Andrea Mechelli - Mary Phillips - Philip McGuire - Paolo Fusar-Poli
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