Name change of schizophrenia reduces stigma in general adolescents: 12 years from MIND-SPLIT-DISEASE to INTEGRATION DISORDER in Japan

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Shinsuke Koike

In Japan, the official term for schizophrenia was renamed from mind-split disease (Seishin-Bunretsu-Byo) to integration disorder (Togo-Shitcho-Sho) in 2002. However, little has unknown how general adolescents feel about these terms. Therefore, we acquired anonymous self-administered questionnaires and quiz from 148 students in several universities (male=86, age=20.3). The questionnaires asked knowledge of both positive and negative aspects of schizophrenia (old and new), depression, and diabetes mellitus (DM) using social recognition subscale of the Mental Illness and Disorder Understanding Scale (MIDUS) and Omnibus Survey in UK, 1998. The quiz asked to choose 2 pairs of terms for the same diseases from 10 terms of mental and physical illness/conditions including 2 pairs of new and old terms for schizophrenia and dementia. Results showed that both positive and negative knowledge were significantly different among disease terms (MIDUS: old term of schizophrenia=6.3, new=4.6, depression=4.0, DM=2.1, p<.001 omnibus="" survey:="" respectively="" p="" the="" percentage="" of="" correct="" answers="" for="" quiz="" schizophrenia="" and="" dementia="" was="" significantly="" different="" vs.="" responders="" older="" had="" marginally="" better="" positive="" knowledge="" trend="" mental="" illnesses="" than="" incorrect="" midus:="" although="" terms="" more="" stigma="" dm="" nominal="" change="" successful="" in="" reducing="" stigma.="" difference="" accurate="" rates="" suggested="" little="" adolescents.="" this="" session="" we="" will="" introduce="" results="" from="" students.="">

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January, 2015
Additional Authors: 
Sosei Yamaguchi - Yasutaka Ojio - Takafumi Shimada - Kei-ichiro Watanabe - Shuntaro Ando
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