Longitudinal relationship between the change in corpus callosum (CC) volume and the changes in the sub-threshold psychotic symptoms in at risk mental state (ARMS)

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Naoyuki Katagiri

Introduction: There are many evidences of the relationship between morphological abnormality of corpus callosum (CC) and psychotic symptoms in schizophrenia. Whether these relationships predate the onset of psychotic symptoms or developed over the course of the illness progressively remains unclear. The aim of this study is to investigate whether the changes in CC volume during 1-year follow-up period associate with the changes in the sub-threshold psychotic symptoms of ARMS group. Method: Sixteen healthy controls and 41 ARMS subjects were recruited. MRI was performed for all participants. The SIPS/SOPS was used for measuring sub-threshold positive symptoms (POS), negative symptoms (NEG) and to define a transition to full-blown psychosis of ARMS group. Imaging and SOPS were re-administered in the ARMS group after 52 weeks. ARMS group was divided into who developed psychosis (ARMS-P) group and who did not developed psychosis (ARMS-N) group over one year. We investigated the longitudinal volume changes of sub-regions of CC (i.e. CC-posterior, CC-mid-posterior, CC-central, CC mid-Anterior, CC-anterior). We analyzed the correlation between changes in the volumes of CC sub-regions (_CC) and change in POS and NEG (_POS and _NEG) of ARMS subgroups. Results: (1) There was a significant CC volume reduction in ARMS-N compared to controls at baseline at CC mid-posterior, CC-central, CC-mid anterior. (2) _POS negatively correlated with _CC-mid-posterior and _CC-mid anterior, and _NEG correlated with _CC-central. Discussion: The results suggest that increases of volume at the sub regions of CC may associate with biological background of recovery of sub-threshold psychotic symptoms in ARMS-N group.

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Presentation Date: 
January, 2015
Additional Authors: 
Takahiro Nemoto - Naohisa Tsujino - Junichi Saito - Koji Kamagata - Masaaki Hori - Masafumi Mizuno
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