Effects of cannabis use on physical health in first-episode psychosis patients-IMPACT-PUMP Study

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Zerrin Atakan

Background: Cannabis use among first-episode psychosis (FEP) patients is significantly higher than in the general population and is associated with a poorer psychiatric prognosis. Little is known however about the physical health consequences of its use. Patients with psychoses are also known to have worse health outcomes. As part of the IMPACT study (improving physical health and reducing substance use of people with psychosis) we have investigated the physical health consequences of cannabis use on FEP patients. Methods: Two hundred and ninety-three patients with FEP were recruited to the IMPACT-PUMP study in London, UK and were followed up for 12 months. Baseline and 12-month measurements on weight, waistline circumference, fasting glucose, random glucose, HbAc1, triglycerides, dyslipidaemia, cholesterol, HDL, LDL and BMI were collected. Pearson Chi-Square and Independent t tests were used to compare the health outcomes on current users and non-users. A two-way mixed ANOVA repeated measurement test was used to analyze the health outcomes taken at two time points. Results: Current use at baseline and 12-month was 57.7% and 41.6% respectively. The two groups did not differ in socio-demographic characteristics. At baseline, there were no significant differences between users and non-users in health outcomes. However at 12-months both groups had developed physical health problems on most measurements significantly. Cannabis users at 12-months had significantly higher systolic blood pressure and increased waistline measurements than non-users. Conclusion: FEP patients develop various physical health problems in one year. Those who continue to use cannabis further worsen their physical health.

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January, 2015
Additional Authors: 
Shubulade Smith - Kathy Greenwood - Khalida Ismail - Poonam Gardner-Sood - John Lally - Daniel Stahl - Anthony David - Fiona Gaughran - Robin M. Murray
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