The Effect of a Multi-Modal, 12-week Healthy Lifestyle, Grocery Shopping and Walking group Intervention With and Without Switch to Ziprasidone on Metabolic Parameters in a Canadian First Episode Psychosis Population

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Sharman Robertson

Individuals with psychotic spectrum illnesses are intrinsically vulnerable to central obesity, insulin insensitivity, metabolic syndrome, type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Higher rates of central obesity and abnormal serum glucose/lipids may exist prior to starting antipsychotic medication. Multiple risk factors have been identified: positive, negative and cognitive symptoms of psychosis, poverty, stigma, metabolically active medications, and poor diet. No clear consensus exists on optimal prevention and treatment of endocrine derangement in first episode psychosis (FEP) populations. This pilot study was conducted at an FEP clinic in Ottawa, Canada. We present data from 25 patients: 4 were switched to ziprasidone alone; 17 attended a multimodal interdisciplinary intervention (a 12-week Solution Focused Healthy Lifestyle Group, a 12-week Walking Group and a 12-week Grocery Group); 4 were switched to ziprasidone and attended the multimodal intervention. Baseline mean age was 27.2 years, mean duration of psychosis was 15.7 months. 96% had a schizophrenia-spectrum diagnosis and 24% of the sample was of high risk ethnicity. Patients were on an average of 1.7 medications. Mean group attendance was high: 87% for the Healthy Lifestyle Group, 72% for the Walking Group and 75% for the Grocery Group. 70% of patients lost weight - mean loss of 3.8 kg and mean waist circumference reduction of 3.9 cm. 13% and 17% maintained or gained weight respectively. None developed diabetes or dyslipidemia. Baseline PANSS scores decreased from 60 to 51.6 at 12 weeks. Although this sample is small, results suggest that these interventions can be effective in FEP populations.

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January, 2015
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Gretchen Conrad - Margo Gibson - Cindy DesLauriers - Crystal Morris - Julie Daly - Helene Charlebois - Leanne Mezzabotta - Paul Roy - Mark Kaluzienski - Walter Hoe - Carrie Robertson
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