Cost and Effect of Early Intervention on admission in First Episode Psychosis

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Caragh Behan

Early intervention in psychosis (EIP) is an accepted policy internationally. It is necessary to evaluate whether policies are applicable within a local context. In Ireland in 2012 the National Clinical Programme Plan identified EIP as one of three priorities for development. Concurrently the health budget has been reduced, highlighting the need for economic evaluation of all new initiatives. Admission is an outcome however it is also a large proportion of the direct cost. Our aim was to investigate whether the introduction of an EIP service resulted in any change to the number and duration of hospital admissions in people with first-episode psychosis. We examined two epidemiological cohorts of individuals presenting with first-episode psychosis to an urban community mental health service. The historical cohort presented from 1995 to 1998 and received treatment as usual. The early intervention (EI) cohort presented to the same catchment area following introduction of an EIP service in 2005. 82% of the historical cohort were admitted over the four period and 57% of the EI cohort were admitted over the four year period (p

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January, 2015
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Brendan Kennelly - John Cullinan - Sarah Masterson - Niall Turner - Elizabeth Owens - Adam Lau - Anthony Kinsella - Mary Clarke
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