Assessing And Managing Risks Of Violence In A Youth Mental Health Service: Service Description, Pilot Evaluation And Case Control Comparison

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Rick Fraser

Aims: There is an association between severe mental illness, particularly psychosis, and violent or offending behaviour. Most violence among those with psychosis occurs during the first episode of illness, prior to the initiation of treatment. Reducing the risks of violence in this population is clearly desirable, however guidance is limited. This presentation describes and evaluates a pilot forensic outreach program established to reduce risks of violence among patients identified as being at high risk of, or already demonstrating, violence and offending. It will also present case control comparison data. Method: A pilot forensic satellite clinic was embedded within a youth mental health service providing early intervention to clients with emerging psychosis, mood disorders and/or personality disorders. Clients were initially invited to attend a primary consultation with their case manager and forensic specialist. Alternatively a secondary consultation was arranged. In all cases, management of the client and their risk resided with the case manager and treating team within the youth service. Results: The majority of referred clients were male (72%) and the key presenting issues were incidents of violent behavior (44%) and violent/homicidal thoughts (26%). Most consultations were primary (72%) suggesting that clients found this model acceptable. Discussion: This model aims to build the capacity of an existing clinical workforce to better assess and manage clients’ risks, via consultation-liaison with forensic specialists. This early intervention approach is argued to be cost-effective, acceptable to a youth population and applicable to a broad range of mental health services.

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Presentation Date: 
January, 2013
Additional Authors: 
Rick Fraser, Rosemary Purcell, Catherine Greenwoog-Smith, Baksheev Gennady, Jennifer McCarthy, Reid David, Lemphers Anthea, Sullivan Danny,
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